Tuesday, December 6, 2011


There are times when my kids and the old people I work with both just want to be near me and to hold my hand or give me a kiss.  We aren't talking about the dirty old man type of wanting to give me a kiss, though that does happen occasionally.  There are ladies that just want to give someone a hug or a kiss.  One lady in particular, when she is awake and alert, will pull you in close and give you a kiss. She is very strong too, so you have to be careful because she can get you in a head -lock.  But everyone needs affection, and an affectionate touch.  I think when some people don't get affection that way enough, they reach out for it.  This happens with the elderly and those of us who work with them are use to it, but it can make others uncomfortable.  As adults we are often uncomfortable with touching others. 
 With my children, they want to sit on my lap or be close to me when we are together after a day at work.  At time it is smothering, but it is love.  But love from a child is a pure thing.  Some time I ask them to get off me and leave me alone for a while, but it doesn't last.  There are times when I needs a hugs from them as well!