Monday, May 16, 2011

Poor Chloe is getting old!

My dog Chloe has been going to work with me several times a week for almost as long as I have worked in the nursing home (nearly 9 years).  For most of that time, she has been able to run around the building and go relatively where she pleases.  She gets on the elevator, and goes up to the 2nd and 3rd floors, visits residents in their rooms and generally making the place feel more homey with a pet wandering around.  All those years, I have never had a problem with Chloe going out the front doors; even though they open automatically with a motion sensor.  Now, the last two times she has visited the nursing home, she has each time, ran out the front door.  Why?  I don't know.  She doesn't want to come in from the courtyard when she is out there, and she just hasn't been acting like herself when she is there.  I don't know what has changed, but she just doesn't seem to like being at the nursing home anymore.  This isn't saying she doesn't want to go each morning when we are getting ready to leave the house.  She follows me around all morning and stands waiting expectantly when we are going out the door to get in the car.  She is just waiting for me to say,"  You wanna go to work?", so she can run out and hop in the back of the car.
Chloe has been, is I should say, a great dog.  She has loved going to work and has brought much happiness to many people there.  Her presence at the nursing home will be missed by staff and residents alike.  I know there are many staff members with dog biscuits in their desk, who will have to find another dog to give them to.  Unfortunately, I think Chloe's visiting days are over.  It is an end of an era.  I must say I was a little sad and sentimental last week when I had to drive her home after she went out the front door again.  It is too dangerous.  If she can't have her usual freedom, I can't bring her in.  So, Chloedog, on behalf of all the residents and staff, thank you for years of visits, and love.  You will be missed.  Come again for a short visit, but not all day.

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