Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Worlds are Colliding!!

Every two weeks, the Pre-K class from the daycare across the street from the Nursing home I work in, come to visit and do special projects with the residents.  This program has been set up for years.  Many of the staff here and the residents know that my boys go to that daycare.  For the last few years, they have been asking if my boys were in the group.   This is the first year, my oldest, K, is in the class that comes to visit. 
K has been coming to the nursing home every few months since he was born.  I mistakenly assumed he would have no problem visiting with his class. Unfortunately, it seems that his biggest problem is being here with both me in the room, and his class and teacher.  It is like his worlds are colliding!  He wants to sit near me and hug Mommy, but he is also trying to follow the directions and do what his teacher asks him.  Some visits are better than others, but it is an issue I never considered.  I guess for a 4 and ½ year old, it’s a little confusing to see your mom in a different setting.  Hopefully it has, and will be, a good learning and growing experience for him!  Personally I have always believed that any exposure to the elderly, and the nursing home setting, for children of any age, can only benefit them! 

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