Wednesday, January 12, 2011


For the past few weeks, my nearly two year old has been a terrible dinner eater. He just won't eat much more than rice and occasionally pasta. Not a very nutritious meal for a boy with so much growing and developing left to do. We try to encourage J.J, and offer him alternatives after constant refusals, but lately even that has been to no avail and left us parents frustrated. But, he would of course, gladly eat dessert. Cookies, ice cream, chocolate, he is there!
Today, at work, Mary refused all lunch, even with nurses, aides and me conjoling and encouraging her to eat. I even tried giving her a number of bites to eat like we do with K, our almost 4 year old. "how about just 3 bites of sandwich?". She was having nothing doing with that. But, when they gave her the cheesecake off her tray for dessert, that she ate all of and appeared to greatly enjoy. Why, not. Who at any age doesn't want dessert instead of a sandwich? And when your decision making ability is impaired or not fully developed, of course the best tasting food seems like the best idea. When I am 80, stock up on chocolate peanut butter ice cream, hopefully from Stewart's!

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