Tuesday, October 4, 2011

quiet time

We all need a little quiet time. Sometimes at the nursing home, we wonder why our residents are agitated.  Maybe it is because they need some quiet in their day.  I know working with people all day who makes demands on me, and then going home to my wonderful, but very attention demanding boys, can be exhausting.  I find myself yearning for a day home alone.  We are always encouraging people to be involved, eat in the dining areas, be social, but maybe they just want to sit in their quiet room and have some solitude.  It they chose to do this, then it is perfectly acceptable.   Living in a nursing home is seldom a quiet place.  Our residents are surrounded by people.  They may have more contact with people now then they have in the last ten years.  Sometimes we have to realize that quiet is a good thing.  The brain needs that time to center itself and focus.  It gives us time to center our selves and rejuvenate our being.  Turn off the TV, turn off the radio and just enjoy the quiet. 

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