Monday, November 14, 2011

Veteran's Day

I am lucky to have a job in which I am required to get to know people and talk to them about thier lives.  Most people have an interesting story to tell, even if they don't think so.  working in a nursing home, I have meet some wonderful people and gotten to know some great men and women who have taught me lessons and things about myself.  I am blessed to know many great Veteran's from various wars.  Seeing pictures of my old friends in thier younger days in uniform can make you sad. But they are the lucky ones.  They lived to see thier old age.  Many didn't.  Many boys who served with these brave men didn't come back.  Seeing the pictures of them as handsome, brave, men standing proud in thier uniforms, makes me feel so lucky to know them.  These wonderful men ( and women), have lived a great life and came home for the war to raise families, work hard and be successful.  Comparing the photos of them then, in thier younger days to now, is just proof that they lived a long and mostly happy life.  They are rightly proud of thier service to thier country, and I and many others are proud to know them. 

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Jack said...

Reminds you of how fast time passes, doesn't it?