Monday, July 1, 2013

Savor it

With my boys, there are times when I just wish I could capture that moment and keep it to review later in the same crispness of the present time.  Or to be able to visit that moment again.  Looking back on when the boys were infants, I often think that I would love to go back to that time when they were itty-bitty, just for a day.  It was crazy, sleep deprived and wonderful.  But we can't revisit them.  All we have are our memories of it.  I know that many of the older people I work with at the nursing home, spend a lot of time remembering the past.  I often think that I have to really focus to make those memories so that when I am old I can sit and think fondly of the things that happened in my life.  There are times you have to think about the moment and focus on it, to make it into a memory.  If we don't remind ourselves of the good times we may not remember them. 
Memories are not made watching TV or playing on the computer.  We make family memories from our experiences.  Camping trips, playing in the rain, hiking etc, are all moments to remember.  Both memories for us as parents, but also for the kids to look back on and think about the fun they had.  Maybe when I am old and forgetful, they can visit me and remind me of those wonderful family experiences.

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