Saturday, October 19, 2013

Making People Happy

I have learned from my job that you can't make everyone happy.  Sometimes, you have to allow someone to be upset with you in order to benefit the most people.  With so many different residents to provide activities for, there is always times when someone is not going to like what you have planned.  When it is someone who is very opinionated and vocal, it can be very disheartening and frustrating to hear complaints.  There are times I have to remind residents I work with that there are other people in the building and we have to provide a variety of groups and services.
As with residents, there are times when I have to do something that makes my boys unhappy to make things better for the good of all.  Once I became comfortable with the fact that there are times what I decide won't make some people happy, it became easier to make those decisions at home too.  Sometimes, especially as a Mom, you have to be the bad guy.
This seems like an easy lesson, but for someone who likes to make people happy, and that essentially is my job, acquiring that thick skin took me a while.  

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Anonymous said...

Jan: You are so right, As a Parent, Employer, Worker and or Friend there will always be things that you do that in your hearth you know that it is best and sometime you know that your decisions will not be liked. When you try to make everyone Happy someone will always be unhappy. We have to use our best judgement, sometimes that hurts people!