Saturday, February 20, 2016

Long lasting love

In the nursing home, we have several husbands and wives.  None that live here, but one spouse will visit the other.  There are a few that we as staff marvel at the dedication and love they still have for each other.  I always hope that if I am in a care facility one day in the distant future, my husband will be as kind, patient, and dedicated to me.  These couples truly are inspirational.  I doubt they know they are the topic of conversation among staff for their love.  To them it is a natural thing, an extension of spending most of their lives together. But we all know that it is not the every day occur acne.  With divorce being commonplace, and couples splitting up , or never even getting married, the kind of  love that last a lifetime is rare.  A love that stays even when one person has dementia and asks the same questions over and over. Its this patience and understanding that we all desire and admire.

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